Our desire to produce quality products and our expertise in design and optical computing, have enabled Scrome's engineers to dominate the fields of military optronics and opto-mechanics.



SCROME develops custom optronic and optomechanical instruments and subassemblies


If you are looking for a custom-designed solution because off-the-shelf products cannot meet your needs, Scrome can offer a complete engineering design and a manufacturing service.

Our team of engineers, qualified in mechanics, electronics, and software development, can undertake the research and design of custom products. Based on their experience and expertise spanning several decades in the defense and aerospace industry, Scrome can provide the best solutions for all aspects of our customers' requirements.

Scrome has acquired strong technical and technological expertise in visible riflescopes for all kinds of weapons, while also developing positioning interfaces, calibration and sighting products, and specific optoelectronic products such as binocular periscopes, gun cameras, and multispectral collimators.

Two examples that illustrate Scrome's research capacity:

  • SeaOwl VizIR is a marine surveillance system (visible and thermal) for detecting asymmetric threats with automated data processing and threat tracking.

  • Catopsys is a 360° panoramic image projection system co-developed in partnership with the University of Clermont-Ferrand. Catopsys creates immersive spaces and fits all types of projection spaces (square, rectangular rooms) with a system for self-calibrating to the projection environment.

Scrome is a major partner of the DICCIT project, which aims to industrialize the measurement of cinematic fields by image correlation. The partners involved in this project are: EADS, CNRS, ENS Cachan, AFNOR, STEREOLABS, Structure Computation, SOPEMEA, Réseau Ferré de France, SNECMA, Messier Bugatti Dowty.

Scrome Optomecanical know how

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